we are parenting
We believe that with the right information parents always make the right choice for their children. We will support you in listening to your inner voice and strengthening your ability to make good choices for your children. We want to see each family reach optimal development and attain the hopes, dreams and aspirations of their parent-child relationship. We will use our experience and expertise in attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, child development, child-infant trauma intervention and real-life parenting experiences to guide each parent and child into discovering their unique patterns of interaction. This process can take many forms: within a group, dyadic play-therapy, home visits, or family sessions.
we are therapy
We believe every individual has limitless unrealized potential. Using a client- centered, solution-focused approach; we build on personal strengths to help you realize who you wish to become in the world. We support you in identifying barriers and overcoming challenges, as you move towards your best self. This process can take shape within a group or in individual work with one of our clinicians. For our younger clients we provide a safe and contained space where they can explore and process some of the challenges children face, through play. We help parents understand the importance of playing with their children and model techniques that will enhance the parent-child relationship.