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We are child & teen development experts, therapists, and parents who understand what you are going through. When you understand development, parenting gets easier. You don't need to be a perfect parent. You just need to know what to do. We can help.


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Online parenting support

A monthly subscription to parenting support, help and tips.  It’s a parenting expert and an amazing community of parents at your fingertips, any time. Sign Up Now.

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Social Emotional family Groups

A group created to find each family's authentic style of discipline & building each family’s social emotional health. Groups for toddlers, preschoolers, school age kids & teens. Find Out More.


1-on-1 Parenting Support

Individualized parenting assistance and questions answered.  Our parents call this one their “oil change” for when things get a bit choppy at home. Call Us.

Happy Parents

With Lina’s help and support I have become the best parent and wife I could be. She has helped salvage our marriage and form a harmonious unity for our home and child
— Krizia G. Coleman
I’m writing to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of the time you spent with me on Monday. I really felt like I was slipping away, and had forgotten the joy I once had found from being “Mom.” ... I’m sleeping better, feeling better and most of all, have rounded that circle of parenthood and lost that guilt that was on my shoulders every night after my kids went to bed. Thank you so much for doing what you do. You are changing lives.
— Jennifer Burton Dunlap
Because of The Nest and my Couture Parenting group, I’m a mother that knows how to parent a slow-to-warm toddler. I had no idea why Olivia was glued to me. Now I know that I’m her secure base and with a little bit of narration she will be ready to explore.
— Silvia Buraglia
The Nest is an amazing home to grow as an individual and with your family. Lina is blessed
with an incredible gift of knowledge, patience, understanding & guidance. The Nest is a Godsend to our community! Thanks for all you are doing to help so many – including us!
— Roxy Cachinero

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